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messages left at the cross-roads

Dec. 30th, 2009

06:18 pm

JBug was shopping on Amazon and noticed that they were offering new and used earplugs. Used earplugs? Anyway, I wondered if they also offered used condoms. No. But I clicked through to one that was rated particularly low. Turns out the sale item was supposedly a box of novelty items. Here are some of the comments.

Over half the condoms that were in my package were out of date

you do receive a suprise gift in them, but i won't tell

they could have left out the 30 min porn card cause most people have porn already.

Some of the lubricants smell like soap and for me i hate that.

bought this product for a friend's bachelorette party.... The vibrator did not work, and the other novelties are nothing of interest. [Must have been some party.]

everything was thrown together in an envelope, which, in my case, ripped during delivery. It was a little embarassing to have condoms falling all over the place as I walked back to my apartment.

It included a variety of brand condoms, a pocket pussy (for my boyfriend, but we threw it away and now we regret it)

This kit had a totally different rabbit viborator...It was a HUGE blue rabbit viborator that smelled like some awful funky plastic. I washed it several times with no relief from the funky plastic smell. However, the other stuff was great! The rabbit may need a condom to over come the smell!

Nov. 2nd, 2009

11:42 pm - Halloween 2009

Halloween Pix posted here


Oct. 23rd, 2009

12:26 am - RIP NJ Warren

And thank you Dennis for posting this

Oct. 22nd, 2009

12:29 am

Some species of Octopi can do this, too

Oct. 6th, 2009

06:35 pm

Got busted by the safety officer today. No complaint about the jagged stained glass that I occasionally cut at lunch. No problem with the soldering iron or spool of lead/tin. No concerns about the heavy throw rug with the curled up edge that could trip you. No problems with the two foot cable sheers that could cut off a finger. Nope. I have a hand truck in the office. I have not been trained to use a hand truck and could hurt myself. I should call for one of the laborers if I want to move a box of paper or whatever.

Fortunately, my boss has his master plumbers license. (The Phd in econometrics came later.) He has been trained to use a hand truck. So, the hand truck will move to his office.

Oct. 1st, 2009

04:48 pm - Fine as Spider Silk

weaving with spider silk



Sep. 26th, 2009

11:22 pm - Mertvaya Ruka

Mertvaya Ruka -- Russian for dead hand -- is the Soviet doomsday system adopted in response the Reagan's star wars initiative. Wired magazine has a very interesting article on how the Soviets were convinced that Reagan was planning a first strike and how the Soviets reacted.


Most interesting factoid:

"American leaders began to worry that a rogue US officer might launch a small, unauthorized strike, prompting massive retaliation. So in 1962, Robert McNamara ordered every nuclear weapon locked with numerical codes.
Effect: None. Irritated by the restriction, Strategic Air Command set all the codes to strings of zeros. The Defense Department didn't learn of the subterfuge until 1977."

Sep. 18th, 2009

09:13 pm - Roof Sex by Pes

These guys have lots of great stuff

Sep. 13th, 2009

12:03 am - 1920

Sep. 1st, 2009

08:48 pm - Biking


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